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Having a great mobile site or app has become a critical component of building strong brands, driving sales, and nurturing lasting customer relationships. Below are some resources to help you get started as you study the 25 Retail Principles of Mobile Site and App Design.

There’s no doubt mobile shopping is becoming increasingly popular among consumers: 30% of all online shopping purchases now happen on mobile phones.1 For retailers, merely having a mobile presence is no longer enough. You now need to carefully craft the mobile shopping experience to take customers all the way to the sell.

The 25 Retail Principles of Mobile Site and App Design we’ve taken you through cover many aspects of the consumer journey from the first experiences consumers have with your app or mobile site to their experiences shopping and purchasing.

We recommend comparing each principle to your current mobile shopping experience. Note gaps, prioritize fixing them, and start working toward a more delightful mobile shopping experience.

Start building better mobile sites and apps today

Here are some helpful resources as you start building—or improving—your mobile apps and sites:

  1. For mobile sites, consider using the latest technologies to create a Progressive Web App.
  2. Check Pagespeed Insights to gauge your mobile site’s UX and speed.
  3. For native apps, take advantage of Google technologies through the use of Google APIs and Services.
  4. Improve the look and feel of your mobile site and app with Material Design.


  1. Google Analytics data, U.S., Sept. 2014 vs. Sept. 2015.

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