Leading the Conversation on Profits: A Practitioner's Guide

Practitioners responsible for the day-to-day management of digital campaigns are too often told to focus on efficiency when it comes to optimizing their campaigns. Conventional strategy tells them to acquire as many conversions as possible from a CPA or ROI target and often under a fixed budget. Profit-driven marketers, however, can reach new levels of growth by rethinking how they manage their campaigns.

Sophisticated marketers recognize that focusing on efficiency targets can cost them conversion volume and that budget caps can limit their opportunities with customers. They understand that to make more money, you often have to strategically bid up CPAs and flex ROI goals. They've become profit-driven marketers and have convinced their organizations to follow suit.

In this guide, practitioners will find three steps to start a conversation with stakeholders and upper management on the merits of profit-driven marketing:

  1. Define your profits. Recognize and get recognized for the full, long-term value that your marketing brings to the business.
  2. Make profits your KPI. Convince stakeholders and senior leadership that profit should be your primary success metric.
  3. Get your resources. Earn access to the resources you’ll need to acquire the right customers for long-term profitability.

Profit-driven marketing uncovers the full value that practitioners bring to their organizations, but it also requires that they make a case for the right metrics and resources. Download "Leading the Conversation on Profits: A Practitioner's Guide" to find out how.

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