Leading the Conversation on Profits: An Executive’s Guide

Digital marketing executives oversee teams that must consistently grow their customer bases while at the same time boosting the efficiency of their campaigns. A growing class of marketing leaders, called profit-driven marketers, are taking on this challenge by rethinking how they set their teams up for success.

Innovative marketing leaders set total profits as the KPI to measure their teams’ success and optimize campaigns according to what’s important to the business. These leaders also empower their teams with flexible budgets so that they can maximize opportunities with all profitable customers. These executives have successfully transformed the way their organizations classify marketing: from a cost center to a profits driver. 

This guide offers marketing executives an actionable plan to start shifting their organizations toward profit-driven marketing:

  1. Recognize value. Understand the full profit return from your digital media investment.
  2. Target outcomes. Update the KPIs used to measure your teams to align the definition of success with total profits instead of CPA or ROI targets.
  3. Capture demand. Empower your teams with the resources and budgets to engage every profitable customer.

Rethinking how to enable and evaluate marketing will help you realize all the profits that you can drive. Download "Leading the Conversation on Profits: An Executive's Guide" to get started today.

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