Encourage Americans to Take Immediate Action

Google can help reach Americans when they're looking for government information - across computers, tablets, and mobile phones - so you can turn their interest into action.

Whether they are looking to get information or sign up for a government program, Americans go online to conduct transactions with the government. But with so many information sources out there, they may not know where to turn or how to get to the official U.S. Government website. Ensure they take immediate with you — whether they are raising their hand for information or just thinking about it.

When Americans are looking for government information, or to take immediate action, they turn to search first. Help them find your information fast, regardless of what device they're using. Then convert their interest into signups, PDF downloads or a results page — and get them to take action. Paid search helps your message stand out by appearing above or next to organic search results on Google. You control the budget and only pay when someone clicks on your ad; in other words, you only pay when your messaging works.

The Google Display Network is a 'smart network' that allows for powerful built-in targeting, measurement and optimization solutions. Reaching 94% of Americans online, the GDN is an auction-based buying solution that gives you control over bids and transparency into pricing. It's a full-service solution designed to hit campaign goals with Google's 10 years of experience in developing optimization algorithms. Automated bidding and targeting can be used to reach your goals and buyers can monitor campaign results and control where messages are deliver at any time.

Americans are using their mobile devices everywhere—commuting to work, on vacation, and even in the bathroom ! Their mobile device is the first thing they look at in the morning, and the last thing they touch in the evening. Americans spend more than 30 hours per month on their smartphones, more than double the time spent just five years ago. You can harness the power of mobile to drive action in many ways. One solution is ads placement within mobile apps that are popular with your target audience, providing a place for them to connect directly to your site from their mobile device.

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