Educate Americans on Meaningful Issues

Whether you need to inform Americans on public health, safety or societal issues, Google's scale and accuracy helps you deliver your message effectively and efficiently.

No matter if your campaign is a topic on the nightly news, or highlighting an unknown issue like a flu outbreak, you may need to deliver critical messages to the American public. Many times those you need to reach are not even aware of the issue, so marketing in a way that allows for engagement and education is important.

With 72 hours of video uploaded each minute, and over 800 million unique users every month, YouTube has the power to make a splash in new and exciting ways.

A Homepage Roadblock offers intense message exposure - 24 hours of 100% share of voice, reaching 23 million Americans — equal to that of a top TV show. Roadblocks also generate high engagement and interaction rates, incremental searches for your campaign, and more visits to your website. Part of the YouTube homepage is the Masthead — a huge canvas for your campaign’s message that can include interactive rich media and social media links. YouTube First Watch offers your campaign the opportunity to be the first message most viewers see on YouTube. First Watch offers massive audience reach on video pages — roughly 20 million daily impressions to almost 15 million unique viewers.

The United States Marine Corps launched a major awareness campaign targeted to young men 18-24 to demonstrate the Marine Corps’ bravery, commitment, and leadership via their new messaging platform: “Toward the Sound of Chaos.” To achieve their goal, they launched two YouTube homepage mastheads for two 24-hour takeovers and complemented the homepage masthead buy with YouTube First Watch, a cost-per-day pre-roll ad that greets users when first visit any YouTube watch page. Users engaged with the Marine Corps video experience >128 million times in 48 hours, a bigger audience than at the 2013 Super Bowl. View case study here .

In a recent study, close to one–third of likely American voters nationwide said they had not watched live TV in the past week and 45% said live TV isn’t their primary mode of consuming video (Google & Shopper Sciences, April 2011).

YouTube reaches light TV viewers , allows them to engage with your content, and follow through to a YouTube Brand Channel or a campaign website to learn more or take other actions. YouTube TrueView Ads , where you’re charged only when a viewer has chosen to watch your video, provide a targeted way to educate Americans who want to learn more.

For those accessing YouTube from their smartphone or tablet, In-Stream Ads, Mobile Roadblocks and Mobile Brand Channels are efficient ways to engage mobile audiences.

Google+ offers the ability to interact face-to-face in real time and connect with your audience in new ways. Whether you are looking to collaborate with a particular audience group, broadcast a press conference, or host educational summit, G+ Hangouts enable a new social experience for reaching your audience.

"Hangouts on Air" allow you to broadcast live video conversations that are accessible to anyone with a web browser through your organization’s G+ profile, YouTube channel and/or website. During the broadcast, you can look inside the Hangout to see how many viewers are watching live. Once you’re off the air, we’ll upload a public recording to your brand’s YouTube channel so it’s easy to share and discuss your broadcast after it’s over.

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