Breaking Through in Digital: Driving Your Business in the Digital Age

Consumers are moving to digital. Why aren't marketing dollars moving with them? One reason is that many CMOs find it hard to evolve their teams to take full advantage of the digital revolution. Here regional marketing experts offer five ways for Asia-Pacific CMOs to help their businesses break through with digital.


Marketing executives in Asia-Pacific will recognize many of the challenges that our experts discussed. Most fall into one of four major areas:

  • Organizational structure and mind-set
  • Digital complexity
  • Measurement and ROI issues
  • Resources and team capabilities
“My challenge as director of marketing is: How do I use digital to innovate so that we stand out from other fund managers? And how can I create a dialogue with our clients and prospects to build rapport and, ultimately, trust?” —Stuart Langeveldt, director of marketing and communication, AMP Capital

Moving forward with digital

While digital offers challenges, it also offers many of the solutions needed to grow your business. Digital is fast and flexible and it works well on both small and large scales. Embrace its strengths, and you will find ways to surge ahead.

Based on our research and conversations with experts, we suggest five ways to make the most of digital:

  1. Dip your toe in. Find small projects in which you can implement digital and learn from your successes and mistakes.
  2. Build a digital content strategy. Great content and stories are essential here, as they are in all media. But you’ll have to learn to work on the digital canvas.
  3. Rethink your measurements. Digital offers an amazing array of ways to measure results.
  4. Upskill your team. It won’t happen naturally. Hire digital experts and find ways to train and motivate your existing team for digital success.
  5. Win broad-based executive support. Be ready to persuade your fellow executives of the value of digital, ideally with numbers and hard data.

“Digital is something we have to do now. If we start now, we can catch up. But if we wait for another three years, we will fall behind” —Japan marketing director for a global health care company

Simon Kahn

Chief Marketing Officer, Google Asia Pacific

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