This month’s list has a cinematic feel, with most of the brands taking the time to tell far longer stories than the traditional 30 second spot on TV, with Toyota Taiwan’s ad coming in at more than 11mins. From Biore’s cute cartoon visuals, to Maybelline's partnership with Daboyway and Urassaya Sperbund, and AIG’s arresting fantasy of the All Blacks averting disasters across Tokyo, each brand on the list has found a different way to tell their stories in a visually pleasing way. With that said, shorter ads are still finding success, with Royal Clash and Amazon India’s short ads show that repurposing made-for-TV content can also work well on YouTube.

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    Vũ Điệu Diệt Khuẩn - Phiên bản nhí "Bống Bống Bang Bang

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    [HERA] BLACK X ALL 블랙 쿠션 전지현편_30

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    Phim ngắn" Khổ Vì Đẹp" | Tập 1: Isaac đại chiến Big Daddy

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    Official MV : MAKE IT HAPPEN | ญาญ่า feat DABOYWAY by Maybelline Thailand

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    Keep Going Brand Film | HRX By Hrithik Roshan

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    우리 땐 말야

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    聶雲最動人演出《我的幸福里程樹》| 和泰汽車 X TOYOTA 溫情鉅獻

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    Introducing Chonkpur Cheetahs!

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    ALL BLACKSが東京に出現? #TackleTheRisk #AllBlacks | AIG JAPAN

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    10 ท่าเต้นมันส์..หยด! รับสงกรานต์ ฝึกเต้นตามเรารับรองว่าเด่นที่สุดในเทศกาลแน่นอน!!!

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