Schuurman Schoenen Halves AdWords Campaign Management Time by Upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns

Dutch shoe retailer Schuurman Schoenen embraced AdWords enhanced campaigns as part of its multi-screen strategy, setting bid adjustments according to time of day, location and device. Since the migration, Schuurman Schoenen has reduced its total number of campaigns by 60% and dramatically cut its marketing workload. Alongside a range of other new marketing initiatives, the implementation contributed to a click-through rate increase of 50% and an average decrease in cost per click of more than 10%.


  • Increase efficiency in campaign management
  • Tailor ads according to usage trends and device
  • Capture users to drive online and offline sales


  • Upgraded all AdWords advertising to enhanced campaigns
  • Adjusted bids by device, location and time of day
  • Created mobile preferred creative and scheduled call extensions


  • Decreased number of campaigns by 60% and optimisation time by 50%
  • Helped produce increases in number of conversions and conversion rate
  • Contributed to growth in click-through rate of 50% and decreases in cost per click of 10%

Founded in 1951, Schuurman Schoenen is a shoe retailer with 44 stores located in the northern and eastern regions of the Netherlands. It launched its website in 2007, and the site became transactional for ecommerce in 2009. Since then, the company has built a mobile-optimised site and adopted a multi-screen strategy to embrace the variety of devices in use by its target audience.

From manual maintenance to automation

The Schuurman Schoenen strategy centred on reaching the target audience at the right time and on the right device. According to the company’s online marketeer Kayo Klein Obbink, relying on desktop only might drive online sales but would not serve the needs of its base of on-the-move customers who might be likely to visit the bricks-and-mortar stores. “In the past, we focused on finding the right combination of targeting multiple devices to benefit our online and offline sales,” he says, “so we created different campaigns for mobile, tablet and PC to adjust bids, advertising messages, keywords and budgets.”

Initially, Kayo and his colleague Niek van der Schoot made these adjustments manually, tweaking campaigns daily to try to get relevant messages onto the screens of potential customers. So when AdWords introduced its new enhanced campaigns functionality, they were poised to put it to use. Specifically designed for today’s multi-screen world, enhanced campaigns offer the ability to manage bids across devices, locations and times of day, all from a single, scalable campaign. By setting multiple bid adjustments to target what’s most important to your business, AdWords automatically determines the best ad to appear.

We’ve seen a significant conversion rate increase and also increases in numbers of conversions. The click-through rate increased on average 50% and is still climbing. The average cost per click decreased by more than 10%.

Initially, they upgraded only one campaign to test the integration for ease of use. They then upgraded all of Schuurman Schoenen’s cost-per-click advertising to enhanced campaigns, relying largely on the AdWords editor to streamline the process. Overall, Kayo describes the upgrade as “really smooth and quick”.

The next task was to establish bid adjustments. “We set our mobile bid adjustments using historical data from AdWords and Google Analytics,” he reveals. The team spotted differences in device usage patterns, then estimated the right adjustment accordingly for each specific campaign. Creatives were tailored by device too. For example, a Google mobile search would generate a Schuurman Schoenen ad with short, easy-to-read informational text, sitelinks to pages most relevant to on-the-move users, and a specific URL to the mobile version of the online store.

“Furthermore, we implemented location bid adjustments to increase store traffic, so people searching close to the stores can see our ad in combination with Google Maps to find a store in their own neighbourhood.” Finally, the team’s analysis uncovered a period of the 24-hour day during which most searches for shoes occurred. They adjusted Schuurman Schoenen’s bids to capture users during this profitable time span.

Increased efficiency and growth in performance

Kayo reports that enhanced campaigns have served to eliminate redundancy and have had a significant impact on efficiency. Since the upgrade, Schuurman Schoenen has reduced its total number of campaigns by 60%. “It’s way more efficient and a lot simpler than it was before. I used to spend twice as much time to maintain and fine-tune campaigns,” he says. “I got used to the features really quickly. The new options in AdWords enable you to fine-tune campaigns precisely.”

The Schuurman Schoenen marketing team has introduced a number of new initiatives in recent months, and together with the implementation of enhanced campaigns these have contributed to some important success metrics. “We’ve seen a significant conversion rate increase and also increases in numbers of conversions. The click-through rate increased on average 50% and is still climbing,” Kayo says. “The average cost per click decreased by more than 10%.”

So what are Kayo’s suggestions for other marketers hoping to replicate this kind of success? “My advice is to keep a focus on the needs of your customers,” he says. “Try to figure out how your target audience uses their devices, specifically to find and buy the products or services your company is offering.”

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