Dynamic Remarketing Delivers Storkie Express 203% Higher Conversions - with Lower Costs-Per-Conversion - than Regular Display

Storkie Express was eager to boost brand awareness and to tell consumers about its custom printed cards and top-notch service. Through Dynamic Remarketing, they tailored ads to individual customers based on products they previously viewed on Storkie"s site, helping them connect with consumers in relevant ways to big success.


  • To create awareness of the Storkie brand and products
  • Connect with customers
  • Build long-lasting relationships


  • Used Dynamic Remarketing to automatically tailor ad messaging
  • Tailored creative based on the products previously viewed on Storkie’s site


  • Achieved conversion rates 203% higher than regular display ads and 119% higher than regular remarketing campaigns
  • Conversions grew 117% on Google Display Network
  • Dynamic Remarketing was 3x more likely to generate view-through conversion than regular remarketing

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