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In the last decade alone, the number of internet users in Vietnam has tripled to 49M (just over half of the total population). Fuelled by a rapidly expanding economy and a young population, 74% of Vietnamese access the internet daily mainly to chat, shop, watch video and connect on social media. Like many Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam skipped the desktop era and went straight to mobile: around 72% of Vietnamese adults now use a smartphone.

Consumer attention span might be decreasing, but for 2017, Vietnamese were most engaged with long-form ads going well beyond the traditional 30-seconds TV ad duration. This format, along with increasing cinematic quality, allows brands to tell compelling stories that resonate deeply with viewers.
The SEA internet e-Conomy will hit $50B by end-2017, driven by accelerated growth and investment in travel, media, ride hailing and e-commerce sectors
To inspire, educate, and facilitate digital advancement, BCG, Google, and Mindshare conducted an assessment of more than 100 companies across SEA.
To connect with Vietnam’s online users, knowing when, where, and what they search for is key. See our search trend predictions for the summer of 2017.
Tet 2017 ad campaigns are biggest ever with Vietnamese advertisers ringing in the Year of the Rooster with festive music, heart-wrenching reunion stories and joyous laughters.

The YouTube Ads Vietnamese Chose in 2017

Watch the most creative ads in the region

#1 Vũ Điệu Diệt Khuẩn - Phiên bản nhí "Bống Bống Bang Bang 39,359,249 views
#2 TVC điện thoại OPPO F1s 2017 - Lưu trọn cả bầu trời dữ liệu (Sơn Tùng M-TP) 8,177,668 views
#3 Galaxy J prime | Phim ngắn "Khổ vì đẹp" (trọn bộ) 8,312,513 views

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