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South Korea is among the world's most connected nations. It boasts the fastest internet speed, the highest rate of smartphone ownership (92%), the most internet users per capita, and the heaviest data usage per person. South Koreans also own an average of 2.9 connected devices, one of the highest in Asia. Learn more on Think with Google Korea.

Hyundai is changing the car shopping experience, and in turn, the auto customer journey, by allowing customers to steer their marketing decision-making.
100 years after a failed expedition by a legendary explorer, his great-grandson returns to attempt to complete the mission with the help of Korean carmaker Hyundai.
The 2016 Korea Full Year YouTube Ads Leaderboard showcases the most creative ads that people choose to watch from January through November this year. The ads are determined by an algorithm that factors in paid views, organic views and audience retention (how much of a video people watched).
New data on when and where Koreans watch video and how they feel about ads on different platforms.

The YouTube Ads Korean Viewers Chose in 2016

Watch the most creative ads in the region

#1 BMW First Drive I 세계 최연소 BMW 드라이버 탄생 5,782,179 views
#2 [LG U+] 스릴 넘치는 LG X Skin vs 거미줄 실험 5,022,719 views
#3 [모두의마블x자이언티] 콜라보레이션 모마송 전격 공개! Full ver. 4,716,627 views

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