Insights on Social

The desire to connect meets infinite potential. How brands are using digital to drive the conversation.

Read how McDonald’s in the Philippines tested a new cinematic storytelling ad fomat on YouTube with wildly successful results.
100 years after a failed expedition by a legendary explorer, his great-grandson returns to attempt to complete the mission with the help of Korean carmaker Hyundai.
When streaming went mainstream, the ad industry broke. Thales Teixeira, an HBS professor and consultant, shares his research on customer attention.
New research from Millward Brown Digital, Firefly and Google delves into how YouTube is fueling the foodie fan culture, with insights into the audiences who devour food videos, powering a 280% growth in food channel subscriptions over the past year.
Does engagement boost sales? A study for Wildfire by Forrester Consulting found when brands invest in conversations on social networks, they create more valuable customers. Learn more at Think with Google.

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