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Singapore's digital-focused government, tech-savvy locals, and a progressive culture have sent it skyrocketing to the the top of the Asian Digital Transformation Index. The tiny island nation also boasts Asia’s highest number of connected devices at an average of 3.3 per person. 91% of the population own a smartphone, sometimes two, and broadband internet speed is among the highest in Asia.

What makes an ad great? Simple: people choose to watch it. On YouTube, we see this more and more - fans are opting to view and share what they love.
The SEA internet e-Conomy will hit $50B by end-2017, driven by accelerated growth and investment in travel, media, ride hailing and e-commerce sectors
Sephora used Google Analytics to get a clear view of the purchase journey, confirming that its digital efforts were influencing offline sales.
To inspire, educate, and facilitate digital advancement, BCG, Google, and Mindshare conducted an assessment of more than 100 companies across SEA.
Shangri-La Hotels leveraged DoubleClick’s full stack solution to drive audience-focused digital marketing globally.

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Creative Director, Google, Inc.

Top 10 YouTube Ads People Watched in Singapore, H2 2017

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#1 iPhone 7 — The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day — Apple views
#2 Xperia XZ1 views
#3 Royal Caribbean #RCIFAMILYFIRST views

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