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A largely young, mobile-first population in the Philippines is driving explosion in internet, mobile and digital activity. Internet access has grown a lot over the years, with more than 70% of Filipinos going online regularly nowadays. Mobile adoption has also progressed quickly, with 65% of Pinoys using smartphones to shop online, watch videos, connect on social media, and more.

Read how Maybelline tapped a third-party measurement company—MOAT—to find the video platform where its ads would be the most effective.
Read how Globe launched its first-ever digital-only campaign to drive awareness and online sales of its new prepaid WiFi product in the Philippines.
Read how McDonald’s in the Philippines tested a new cinematic storytelling ad fomat on YouTube with wildly successful results.
Philippine Airlines tapped into the power of online search to transform its marketing and reinforce its reputation as one of Asia’s premier carriers.
The SEA internet e-Conomy will hit $50B by end-2017, driven by accelerated growth and investment in travel, media, ride hailing and e-commerce sectors

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