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Taiwanese gaming company, 37Games, used Google Universal App Campaign to unearth key insights through data and machine learning, and used this data smartly in multiple areas — from game design and product operations to brand marketing -- to meet business objectives.
Both long- and short-form video ads should each have a place in every marketer’s toolkit. Read more:
They leveraged the DoubleClick for Publishers platform to test native ads—an ad format that enables revenue growth while delivering ad experiences that complement the editorial look, feel, and function of a company’s website. After implementing native ads, Meaww saw promising results both from performance and user experience perspectives.
Fox Network Group skipped traditional channels and heavily leveraged YouTube. Fox went all digital on YouTube to promote its Fox Movies rebrand.
Sports fans have gone digital in India. Learn how and when people go online to consume sports content—and what these shifts mean for marketers.

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