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Japan is the world's third largest advertising market after the United States and China. And while television advertising still dominates, online advertising is growing at a rapid pace, spurred on by the increasingly heavy reliance on smartphones—71% of the population access the internet via smartphone as often as they do on a computer. In addition, nearly 100% of Japanese between 25-54 years old access the internet daily. For more, visit Think with Google Japan.

Japan’s Ajinomoto Co. Inc. tapped into the power of YouTube and cross-promotion products to sell their Chinese seasoning, Cook Do® Komi Paste.
Japan's YouTube Ads Leaderboard reveals the most popular ads in the second half of 2017.
Japan’s IDOM used machine learning with Google Analytics to better understand the consumer journey before sellers got behind the wheel.
When Japan’s Lawson Store100 tested the impact of digital display ads against traditional print ads, the display ads performed better on nearly every level.
Belluna stripped down its existing mobile site, rolled out AMP, and built a PWA to offer its customers a smoother mobile shopping experience.

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The Japan YouTube Ads Leaderboard: H2 2017

Watch the most creative ads in the region

#1 ONE OK ROCK×庵野秀明 「Go, Vantage Point.」 60秒 Honda CM 5,867,425 views
#2 アンダーアーマー「I WILL. MASAMI NAGASAWA」 3,553,801 views
#3 【公式】 もはやここはキミの知っているアローラではない。『ポケモン ウルトラサン・ウルトラムーン』PV 3,539,271 views

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