Insights on Hong Kong

As a global commerce hub, Hong Kong connects the East and West in finance, industry, and culture. With 81% of Hong Kong’s population online, the internet is driving opportunities for millions—from entrepreneurs and businesses to app developers and content creators. And it's just getting started. With support from the government, Hong Kong is pushing toward “smart city” status by 2020, digitizing both public and private infrastructure.

What makes an ad great? Simple: people choose to watch it. On YouTube, we see this more and more - fans are opting to view and share what they love.
Shangri-La Hotels leveraged DoubleClick’s full stack solution to drive audience-focused digital marketing globally.
Read how Vichy used machine learning to reach three key audiences with unique messaging and boost overall awareness and consideration of the brand.
To increase brand consideration and sales in Hong Kong, Danone’s Aptamil brand of baby nutrition tapped into YouTube to create a hero video and bumper ads. Using a unique audience segmentation strategy and brand lift tracker, they reached 78% of their audience and drove 1.1M minutes of watch time.

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