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Hear from leaders in B2B digital marketing with insights that are sure to rival those gleaned at the company water cooler.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Bank aimed to break through in a saturated marketing by providing helpful, relevant content to consumers on YouTube.
Asian gaming company, 37Games, used Google Universal App Campaign to unearth key insights through data and machine learning, and used this data smartly in multiple areas — from game design and product operations to brand marketing -- to meet business objectives.
At Google Marketing Next, our recent ads and commerce event, industry leaders discussed the latest forces and trends shaping the future of marketing. Here are four fresh takeaways that you can take action on today.
Mobile has changed everything but it’s only Act One. Machine learning in marketing is set to drive the industry’s next revolution.
Making good business decisions is more than just having the right numbers; it requires the art of experimentation and the agility of a startup.

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