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Home to 60% of the world's population, the APAC region is the world's fastest growing internet market. It is also home to two impossible-to-ignore markets -- India and China -- each with over a billion population. In addition, China, Japan and Korea are 2nd, 4th and 6th in global digital ad spend rankings. Indonesia, with over 220 million people, is the world's largest Muslim market.

This recent BCG Focus report assesses on the impact of programmatic guaranteed on buyers and sellers in the dynamic markets of the Asia-Pacific region.
New research shows that a consolidated approach to buying media can provide more efficient reach for the same investment while also saving time.
Google APAC’s CMO Simon Kahn breaks down the challenges marketers are facing in 2018 and how we can tackle them.
See how Yoplait’s “Mom On” campaign used culturally relevant POV advertising to market their products to moms.

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#1 “PS4”「山田、全力のモンハンワールドごっこ」篇 7,322,049 views
#2 LEXUS 最新感動微電影〈扳手〉竇智孔王滿嬌 深情鉅獻 4,168,851 views
#3 TVCM │ au「笑おう」篇 3,017,712 views

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