Ads Leaderboards

The Ads Leaderboard showcases the most creative YouTube ads that people choose to watch. Ads are determined by an algorithm that factors in paid views, organic views and audience retention.

With Spikes Asia 2017 on the horizon, our special edition Leaderboard celebrates the most popular global video ads since last year's festival.
This special Bumpers edition showcases a top 20 list of bumper ads across the globe.
What makes an ad great? Simple: people choose to watch it. On YouTube, we see this more and more - fans are opting to view and share what they love.
From catchy jingles to heartwarming short films, the Leaderboard reflects the wide variety of content on YouTube and the creativity that brands and agencies have exercised to capture their audience’s attention.
Here are the most popular YouTube ads in the Philippines from Jan to June in 2017, based on both popularity and promotion. See what brands achieved through creativity and power of online video!

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