India’s New $50B Industry: SaaS

Globally, Software as a Service (SaaS) is on pace to be a $132B revenue industry by 2020. As users, particularly small and medium-sized business owners, increasingly turn to the web for software solutions, India is in prime position to take a big chunk—an estimated $50B—of this thriving industry by 2025.

Currently, most SaaS solutions globally come from U.S. businesses. But as SaaS usage shifts to small and medium businesses (SMB) and to mobile, Indian companies stand to gain a larger market share through the help of online access to a global audience. A mobile-first country, India has in place the right ecosystem, talent, and manpower, thus setting the stage for Indian firms to step in and aggressively scale the SMB SaaS market.

You'll find in our latest research (below) that these trends will continue:

  • Purpose-built high quality SaaS products will replace generic B2B "single software providers”
  • The next phase of SaaS adoption growth will come from highly under-penetrated SMB markets; SMB markets will overtake the Enterprise SaaS Market before 2020
  • Online discovery and adoption will increasingly reduce dependence on Feet-on-Street (FOS) sales

Download the full research report, jointly written by Google India and Accel Partners, for a more in-depth look at the SaaS landscape, best practices, and tips for Indian entrepreneurs and businesses looking to break into the space.

Arpit Jaiswal

Industry Manager, Software-as-a-Service, Google India

Jayank Srivastava

Senior Analytical Lead, Google India

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