Campaign Management

Google's campaign management features help you maximize efficiency, target your audience, and improve your campaign performance. So, whether you want to grow online conversions or in-store traffic to your business, we have tools that can make accomplishing those goals even easier.

Campaign management features help you manage your search campaigns more easily. Whether you want to grow online conversions or in-store traffic, we have tools that can make accomplishing those goals simple and efficient.

  • Search Network with Display Select

    Search Network with Display Select

    People are always looking to connect with useful information in the moments that matter - whether searching on keywords related to a product or reading highly relevant content across the web. AdWords campaign type Search Network with Display Select is the easiest, most efficient way for you to reach additional customers in search and beyond.

  • AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

    AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

    Reach people in the moments that matter across all devices with smarter ads that are relevant to their intent and context all within a single enhanced campaign.

  • AdWords Automated Rules

    AdWords Automated Rules

    AdWords automated rules let you schedule automatic changes to your campaigns based on the criteria that you specify. They make it easy to do things like change your daily budget on peak shopping days, modify your max CPC bids based on CTR or conversion rates, or enable ad text directing users to promotional landing pages late on a Sunday night. You'll get the flexibility to make changes to a single part of your account or across multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords at once.

  • Enhanced CPC

    Enhanced CPC

    Boost ROI by increasing conversions while maintaining or decreasing cost-per-conversion. Each time your ad is eligible to appear, Enhanced CPC will automatically raise and lower the Max CPC bid that you've set based on the likelihood that your ad will convert. When you use Enhanced CPC, your ad should receive more conversions while maintaining or reducing your overall cost-per-conversion.

  • Broad Match Modifier

    Broad Match Modifier

    Create keywords that reach more people than phrase match and give you more control than broad match. Whatever your current match type and account strategy, using the AdWords Campaign Experiments tool can help you confidently test and measure the impact of adding modified broad match keywords and bid changes.

  • AdWords Location Targeting

    AdWords Location Targeting

    AdWords Location Targeting lets you target your ads to specific geographic areas like countries, regions, metros, cities, postal codes (currently U.S. only), or by targeting a radius around a location. For advanced users, you can incorporate a person's geographic interest into your targeting criteria or focus only on physical location. You can focus your advertising on specific geographic areas based on their performance or on the geographies that best match your desired coverage area. The more effective you are in targeting the right customers, the greater your return on investment.

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