Ad Formats & Extensions

Google's ad formats and extensions help you communicate to your customers in the best way possible. By showing richer and more engaging content in your ads, new formats and extensions are an easy way to make ads more useful and relevant to users searching for information on Google.

Ad extensions let you make your ads more useful and relevant to users searching for information on Google. While the standard text ad format can often provide enough information for users to find what they're looking for, sometimes some extra information helps get the best response.

For example, when you're trying to describe a product, including a picture could make the message more relevant and valuable. Or when trying to describe a location, an ad that only contains text can be confusing. In this case, having a map would make it much easier for the user to find you.

Ad extensions work with your existing text ads, so there's no need to change your keywords, bids, or ad text. With enhanced campaigns, you can determine which extensions are shown based on time of day, device type, and location.

  • Dynamic Search Ads

    Dynamic Search Ads

    Dynamically create and show ads for pages on your website without using keywords. Dynamic Search Ads complement your existing keyword-based campaigns to deliver more clicks and conversions with less effort. During pilot testing, most advertisers saw 5-10% more clicks and conversions.

  • Product Listing Ads

    Product Listing Ads

    With Google Shopping, both you and your customers get a more engaging user experience. See how to promote your products more effectively and reach even more customers.

  • Location Extensions

    Location Extensions

    You can extend your AdWords campaigns by dynamically attaching your business address to your ads, with location extensions. As well as the description lines and URL that appear in your ad text, your ad can also feature your business name, address, and phone number. Whether you have multiple storefronts you'd like to promote locally, or a single storefront, location extensions can help attract customers who may be just around the corner and those searching for a business in an area they're planning to visit soon.

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