POSB Celebrates Singapore’s 50th Anniversary With TrueView Campaign Aimed at Millennials

Last year, Singapore’s oldest bank, POSB, wanted to reach millennials by capturing what it means to be Singaporean during the country’s 50th anniversary of its independence. The bank, backed by DBS Group, ran a YouTube campaign championing Singapore’s “Kampong spirit” that encouraged young Singaporeans to share their own community stories—leading to increased engagement.


  • Rebrand POSB as a bank for all generations
  • Engage millennials


  • Ran TrueView campaign with 16 videos championing community spirit
  • Created video content hub with 40+ videos on POSB’s YouTube channel


  • Generated three years’ worth of viewing time (1.5M minutes) in two months
  • 128% increase in neighborhood-related searches associated with POSB
  • 12X increase in channel subscriptions

POSB is Singapore’s oldest and most loved banking institution. It wanted to rebrand itself as a community bank for all generations, so it turned to YouTube to reach millennials and reignite its brand proposition of “Neighbours first, bankers second.”

Here’s what happened:

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