Mytour Vietnam’s New Search Dynamics

To meet Vietnam’s rising demand for more travel destinations, travel booking company Mytour Vietnam adopted Dynamic Search Ads. What resulted was an increase in traffic and conversions, while keeping costs low. Find out how Mytour Vietnam’s rapid growth spurred its successful advertising efforts.


  • Increase web traffic and sales, covering keywords for 54 destinations and 5,000+ hotels
  • Build brand awareness


  • Leverage Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to crawl and cover relevant keywords
  • Use combination of DSA, RLSA, and CO to optimize performance
  • Maintain high-quality traffic by incorporating negative keywords


  • DSA now accounts for 12.5% of search impressions
  • DSA click-through rate is 4% higher than manual search campaigns
  • DSA cost per click is 26% lower than manual search campaigns
  • DSA cost per acquisition is 15% lower than manual search campaigns

Mytour Vietnam, a leading Vietnamese booking service providing flight, hotel, and tour tickets at reasonable prices, started as a small project led by a group of VNP (Vat Gia Group) developers in 2012. A mere three years later, Mytour dominated the market share for middle to high-end hotels and was acquired by the Recruit Group. As business expanded, so did the number of destinations and hotels, and with that, the need to have keywords advertised against. Mytour Vietnam turned to two AdWords features, Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), to boost brand awareness and optimize performance.

Keyword optimization proves critical

With 54 destinations and more than 5,000 hotels to consider in its advertising efforts, the Mytour Vietnam team understandably had some trouble refining the keywords.

“When we first started using AdWords, we implemented sets of keywords we thought would match our customers’ inquiries. However, we weren’t sure if those sets of keywords covered the whole market, and we didn’t want to miss out on any opportunities,” said Lan Tran, Marketing Manager at Mytour Vietnam.

The company needed a tool that would not only help it keep up with changing consumer behavior and search terms, but could also do so quickly.

DSA + CO + RLSA = a winning combination

Mytour Vietnam used DSA (paired with conversion optimizer) to find new keyword opportunities on its hotel listing pages. This feature crawls the web to target relevant search queries and fill in any missing campaign keywords. By utilizing DSA, the company increased keyword coverage and, in turn, resulted in new traffic that had the highest conversion rates on the whole website.

“We were really surprised by many of the keywords we thought wouldn’t bring conversions. They were ones we hadn’t thought to include and wouldn’t have found without DSA,” Lan said.

“DSA, when carefully optimized and monitored for negative keywords, is a highly recommended feature.” Lan Tran, Marketing Manager at Mytour Vietnam

The data also showed that customers who had previously visited Mytour Vietnam had a higher conversion rate than others. By implementing RLSA, a feature that tailors ads for people who have previously visited a website, the company was able to keep its brand top-of-mind for its valued customers. The winning combination of DSA, RLSA, and the conversion optimizer (to increase efficiency of the ads) helped increase the volume of conversions while keeping the cost per action down for returning customers.

AdWords drives traffic, drops costs

Mytour Vietnam achieved many of its online marketing goals by using DSA to drive more traffic and conversions while raising brand awareness. In fact, DSA’s cost per action is now 15% lower than manual search campaigns; and cost per click is 26% lower. Overall, DSA now accounts for 12.5% of total impressions with a 4% higher click-through rate than other campaigns.

Lan said, “DSA, when carefully optimized and monitored for negative keywords, is a highly recommended feature. It helped us not only save many hours of new keyword research, but it also ramped up the volume of conversions from returning customers when combined with RLSA.”

With a solid DSA keyword strategy now in place, Mytour Vietnam can continue optimizing its search performance and focus on expanding its travel offerings to new audiences.

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