Kunlun Wins in the Game of Gaming

Kunlun, a leading gaming company, set up in Taiwan a little over two years ago and has been capturing gamers’ hearts - and occupying thumbs - across the nation ever since. Faced with steep competition in a hyper-paced environment, the global game developer and publisher is committed to creating fun, engaging games that not only appeal to their customers, but also keep their short attention spans entertained, and coming back for more. To ensure that their efforts are optimised, the gaming giant turned to YouTube’s TrueView to maximise awareness, and to AdWords’ Deep Linking and In-App Category Targeting to reach the right players at the right moments along their gaming journey. Let’s find out how gamers responded.


  • Maximize brand awareness and make Kunlun’s app stand out against the competitioin
  • Increase app retention rate and grow in-app monetization


  • Made YouTube the prime channel for their branding strategy
  • Promoted their made-for-web videos through TrueViews, Mastheads, and YouTube Brand Channel
  • Tailored targeting segments to different groups of users, including Installed App Category Targeting, Installed App Purchase user Targeting, and Remarketing
  • Adopted mobile-first on search and implemented deep linking


  • Increased ROI and conversion rates significantly
  • Successfully launched new games in multiple countries across APAC
  • 40+ marketers acquired Google AdWords Certifications

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