ASUS: The MeMO Pad Comeback

One of the biggest hardware makers in the world, ASUS, paid due attention when total tablet sales in UK slipped from 17 M units in 2013 to 14 M the following year. In response, they created a Christmas ad campaign for the MeMO Pad, with the clear objective of boosting their Q4 sales. The hardware magnate bet big, and shifted from an 80/20 offline/online split of their total marketing spend to 40/60. The results? It paid off, and very well too. By creating an endearing, fun video and delivering it right to their customers via Google Lightbox, ASUS saw the click-through rate on their banner ads grow an astounding 6X.


  • Launch the ASUS MeMO Pad in the UK
  • Drive sales despite the shrinking tablet market


  • Adjusted budget allocation to 60% online and 40% offline from 20% online and 80% offline
  • Created a made-for-web video
  • Used YouTube TrueView to promote the video and target specific audience segments
  • Leveraged Google Lightbox to engage new users
  • Implemented search ad campaigns


  • The video content garnered 6.5M+ views
  • With the help of TrueView, ASUS achieved 25% view through rate
  • Lightbox, compared to a GDN campaign, delivered 6X the engagement rate
  • A significant search volume for “ASUS MeMO Pad” was achieved
  • 2014 sales volumes for the ASUS MeMO Pad was maintained despite a shrinking tablet market

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