Aptamil Wins With Video Lengths and Audience Segmentation

Danone’s Aptamil brand of baby nutrition took an innovative approach to increasing consideration amongst Hong Kong moms. They used three different targeting strategies, including broad targeting, custom affinity targeting, and retargeting of past viewers, which allowed them to use experimental ways to reach their target audience, then provide them with a long-form video, and finally retarget them with a functional bumper ad to win consideration.


  • Keep Aptamil top-of-mind by driving awareness and consideration
  • Influence broad audiences as well as a qualified audience


  • Move away from previous strategies of running TVCs on YouTube
  • Tested the Hero-Hub-Help framework and built a 3.5-minute hero video
  • Followed with a bumper ad to drive brand recall
  • Retargeted past-viewers of the hero video with the bumper ad
  • Segmented the audience into 3 groups: the broad audience (F25-44), a Custom Affinity Group built based on their keywords, preferences, and visited websites and past viewers
  • Ran 3 sets of brand lift surveys across the three audience groups


  • Reached 78% of it’s core audience via mobile
  • Drove over 1M minutes of watchtime for it’s hero video
  • Consumer interest (share of search) went up from 8% to 12% by the end of the campaign period
  • Brand consideration went up for each of the three audience segments

Experimenting with video advertising:

Moving away from previous strategies of running TVCs on YouTube, Aptamil adopted the Hero-Hub-Help framework and applied a content strategy to drive it’s consumers from awareness to consideration and, ultimately, to purchase.

Having recently undergone a major rebrand and name change, it was critical for Aptamil to re-connect with Hong Kong mothers and to re-engage them. The brand leveraged the best practices in creative storytelling and created a 3.5-minute long hero video to speak to Hong Kong mothers.

Aptamil followed this with YouTube’s newest format—the 6 sec bumper ads—to drive product awareness. The bumper ad was sequenced and retargeted to viewers who had seen the long-form hero video. This drove impactful story-telling and contributed to building reach and frequency for the brand.

Long-form Hero Video to reach a broad and custom audience to drive consideration
Bumper Ads to retarget past video viewers and drive awareness

Balancing segmentation

Aptamil segmented its audience into three groups: the broad audience (F25-44), a custom affinity group built based on keywords, preferences and website visits, and a retargeting group based on viewers who had seen their hero video.

Broad and targeted audiences both performed well in achieving the goals of driving brand consideration. The brand saw that with incremental exposure, the custom affinity audience drove incremental lifts in consideration.

Measuring what matters:

Using brand lifts to measure the impact of the campaign across the three audience groups, the brand used three separate studies to compare the impact of targeting. Since driving brand consideration was a key success metric, the results revealed that all three audience groups enjoyed positive uplift—with custom affinity & retargeting performing particularly well, with a 16.9% and 20% uplift respectively.

Aptamil achieved Best in Class results for Broad and Custom affinity targeting segments

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