123RF Leverages DoubleClick Digital Marketing Solutions to Net New Customers

123RF is one of the world’s largest royalty-free digital stock agencies. Founded in 2005 in Malaysia, 123RF now runs its business in 44 countries worldwide, where it empowers both individuals and companies with their own brand storytelling by crowdsourcing creative imagery, sound, and video from contributors around the globe.


  • Drive new customer acquisition and increase revenue


  • Leveraged Doubleclick Search bid strategies to drive efficiency and conversions
  • Used Doubleclick Campaign Manager to centralize and track all digital marketing channels
  • Used Floodlight tags to gain a single view of each customer
  • Used DoubleClick Bid Manager’s Similar Audiences feature to reach new audiences


  • 67% YoY increase in customer acquisition
  • 58% increase in new customer revenue
  • 14% improvement in CPA
  • 19% YoY increase in Google searches for the brand

Since its start in 2005, 123RF has been a digital native, not just in its product but also within its sales and marketing efforts. As the brand’s business grew and scaled to more countries, it sought new ways to reach customers while ensuring efficiency in its marketing efforts. 123RF found that as it scaled up its marketing activity, its view of the customer journey became increasingly complex.

The brand wanted a marketing solution that would give it a single and holistic view of its customers, where conversions are attributed correctly to the individual customer ID in its database. As sophisticated digital advertisers, 123RF also wanted to know how each marketing channel played a role in converting different kinds of customers, so it turned to DoubleClick Digital Marketing to identify and convert opportunities across its 44 markets.

Getting a full view of the customer with DoubleClick

123RF leveraged DoubleClick’s full-stack solution to identify and connect with key audience segments, and to measure campaign performance across platforms.

Optimizing for efficiency with DoubleClick Search

To optimize ad spend and cost-per-acquisition (CPA), the brand used DoubleClick Search to identify and group keywords across markets. Bid strategies, a DoubleClick Search feature powered by Google’s machine learning, enabled 123RF to optimize quickly and efficiently across its Google and Bing campaigns, which span the globe and contain large volumes of keywords.

For example, despite stark market differences and user behavior, 123RF was able to identify which keywords performed similarly in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and optimize budget for these keywords. This improved efficiency and saved the brand a lot of time in its marketing efforts.

Tracking campaigns and conversions with DoubleClick Campaign Manager

DoubleClick Campaign Manager was then used to centralize and track all of the campaigns. The brand implemented Floodlight tags to capture and report on the actions of users who visit the 123RF website after viewing or clicking on one of its ads. With a single view of each customer, 123RF was able to treat new and existing customers differently and optimize for unique behavior across different channels such as search, display, social, and YouTube.

Reaching new audiences with DoubleClick Bid Manager

Previously, 123RF wasn’t able to get a detailed view of customer activity in the upper funnel. With DoubleClick Bid Manager working with DoubleClick Campaign Manager, 123RF could see how impressions and video views—not just clicks—translated to transactions as new customers became increasingly aware of the brand. By understanding how its display and video marketing contributed to conversions, DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager worked together to bid appropriately for those types of impressions, therefore driving more transactions. Most importantly, 123RF could view which customer profiles and the types and value of transactions that were linked to these campaigns, down to the transaction ID.

123RF also used DoubleClick Bid Manager’s Similar Audiences feature to reach new audiences. The brand could immediately extend the reach of its display campaigns to tap into new inventories while leveraging machine learning to drive down CPAs.

Increasing customers and revenue with DoubleClick

In the mature business of stock media, driving new subscriptions is both challenging and competitive. After using the DoubleClick stack to drive its goals, 123RF gained an impressive 67% year-over-year (YoY) increase in new customers. The brand saw a 58% increase in new customer revenue, while CPA decreased by 14%. Ultimately, searches for the brand grew 19% YoY.

The DoubleClick team worked closely with 123RF, supporting the brand each step of the way with optimization, best practices, and other guidance. “The seamless working relationship with the DoubleClick team allowed our digital marketing team to take the first step toward success in the competitive digital landscape. Identifying DoubleClick as the solution provider that met our marketing needs was the key to this impressive rally in our business,” concluded Alex P’ng, chief operating officer of 123RF.

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