Bridge of Life

Bridge of Life

A bridge notorious for suicides transformed into a bridge of hope.

by Samsung Life Insurance

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The Story

With an average of 43 suicides a day, South Korea has been called the suicide capital of the developed world and Asia's unhappiest nation. Many people take their lives by jumping off the city's bridges. The Mapo Bridge is the most notorious among them. But how do you keep people from ending their lives? With a campaign that combines heart and technology, Samsung Life Insurance helped people reconsider the value of their lives.

  • Bridge of Life

Using an LED lighting system, the project lights the bridge at every step of the way in the hope that people no longer feel lonely, lost or dark. Friendly words and smiling photos printed on the fence, along with statues of human beings caring for each other, essentially allow the bridge to talk to people.

The Technology

  • Social Media

The Results

Launch date: December 24, 2012

Samsung Life Insurance broke the stereotypical view that finance and insurance brands are greedy and heartless. Rather than attempting to improve the brand’s commercial value in the short term, the campaign showed that the company valued people's well-being and positioned it as a leader of love, hope and life.


LED lights and sensors


long messages


views achieved

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