Nike MvsW

A battle of the sprinting sexes to see who can pile up more miles.

by Nike

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The Story

Nike came to us with an idea of "Gender Race", a running competition between men and women. They wanted to gather users' running data from Nike+ and compare the accumulated distances online to create incentives for runners to run more with their Nike+ devices. Our aim is to focus on the running statistics of the users, to have the design be driven by user data visualization instead of using promotional visuals of local celebrities. Statistics are accumulative so users are encouraged to run more frequently and come back to watch themselves outrun their competitors.

  • Nike MvsW
  • Nike MvsW

We were inspired by gaming culture and the concept of employing technology to develop something that people can use to be creative. As an ad agency, we had to keep reminding ourselves that we were never making an ad. We were making the tools for other people to make ads. It’s a videogame version of a commercial-maker. What was most exciting about this project is that we didn’t know what people were going to do with it. There were, literally, trillions of permutations of what a commercial would look like.

The Technology

  • Social Media

The Results

Launch date: December 2, 2012

We used a Nike+ API to gather running statistics from users who joined the MvsW campaign. With the help of three.js and a couple of tweening plugins, we managed to animate the runs dynamically from real data in 3D without using Flash. By connecting to Facebook, users can compare their running statistics against their friends who have also joined the MvsW campaign.


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The Team

  • Benny Luk, Logo Designer
pill & pillow
  • Henry Chu, Creative Director, Animation Designer and Coder
  • Kevin Kwok, Designer, Front-end Coder
  • Tet Chan, Developer, Back-end Coder

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