TrackMyMacca's App

TrackMyMacca's App

An app that reveals your McMeal's life story.

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The Story

McDonald's Australia understands that consumers have questions about their food and the journey it goes on before it arrives on the plate. As a business, McDonald's invests significantly to help answer these questions in new and innovative ways and the TrackMyMacca's app targets just that.

Using an iPhone’s GPS, the TrackMyMacca's app determines which restaurant a customer is in, then utilizes image-recognition software to work out which product the customer is about to eat. This information is then processed by a customized API, Unity4, and Vuforia technologies. Partnered with the date, time and McDonald's supply chain date, it then reveals the journey of the ingredients in their food. This journey is displayed through a series of 3D animations that center around the product packaging and allow customers to have their questions about McDonald's food answered while in restaurant.

The Technology

  • Unity 4
  • Qualcomm Vuforia

The Results

Launch date: January 16, 2013

In the first month of its launch, TrackMyMacca’s was downloaded 45,883 times (once per minute!). Engagement has been strong, with 62,219 views of our core messaging screens. Close to 25% of all our app’s users engaged with the full TrackMyMacca’s journey from initial 3D augmented world to finally ‘meeting’ one of the farmers who supply ingredients in the product they just tracked. Outside of the app, we’ve had over 50,000 people view our demo video without the help of any paid media.


PR Impressions


download per minute in the first month after launch


pieces of packaging changed

The Team

McDonald's Australia
  • Mark Lollback, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Madeleine Fitzpatrick, Vice President Marketing
  • Mark Wheeler, Head of Digital Marketing
DDB Group Sydney
  • Dylan Harrison, Executive Creative Director
  • Darwin Tomlinson, Deputy Executive Creative Director
  • Steve Wakelam, Creative Director
Tribal DDB Sydney
  • Jeroen Jedeloo, Executive Producer
  • Amanda Birrell, Digital Producer
  • NIna Huchthausen, Digital Producer
Acne Production
  • Fran McGivern, Executive Producer
  • Jacinte Faria, Executive Interactive Producer
  • Martin Pagh Ludvigsen, Interactive Creative Director
Mango Sydney
  • Tina Alldis, Head of Media Relations Strategy

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