The Monster

An interactive kids' story that lets you defeat a monster with your mobile.


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The Story

Every Christmas, ING DIRECT helps raise funds for UNICEF educational programs. This year, we created "The monster that wouldn't let children go to school", an interactive short video found on our website. It tells the story of a monster that travelled around the world stopping children from going to school and there was only one person who could defeat him: you. And you only needed one thing to do it: your mobile.

  • The Monster

Thanks to the technology, users were able to intervene in the story to help the children. All they needed to do was send text messages instructing the children on how to defeat the monster. As users did this, their messages reached the characters in the story and they were able to see the ending they created. The site was developed in pure HTML5 technology: a custom parallax JavaScript engine, HTML5 video, JavaScript socket client and so on... making the experience available in any device. The site was built over a custom node.js server with to make the mobile–web synchronization possible.

The Technology


The Results

Launch date: December 17, 2012

We wanted people to contribute to a good cause through a different, appealing and visually powerful digital experience. The campaign was extremely successful worldwide on various social networks, hundreds of thousands of people visited the website and, in a little over a month, €197,000 was raised for UNICEF. Thanks to these virtual donations, many children will be able to attend school in real life.


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The Team

Ogilvy Spain / OgilvyOne Madrid
  • Diego Gonzalez, Creative Director
  • Sara Moreno, Art Director
  • Sonia de Pedro, Copywriter

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