Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures

Indiana Jones' Facebook Timeline through the years.

by Indiana Jones

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The Story

To promote the release of Indiana Jones on Blu-ray, we provided Paramount Home Media a backdated social strategy in Indy's tone of voice, complete with app builds and games for Facebook and Twitter. This was complemented with five months of posts based around the four movies, real-world promotional events and country-specific holidays. Content was localized to 14 different languages and 20 territories across the globe. The campaign had to reach out to a deeply invested audience in an original way and make the most of Lucasfilm's vast archives.

We used as many of Facebook's access points as we could to remind users how amazing the Indy franchise is. We built a backdated interactive diary widget for each film that contained original copy written in the voice of Indiana Jones and bespoke art content. We deployed a game for each film that linked with the backdated diary widgets. To expand the campaign out of Facebook, an interactive Twitter snake pit was created to coincide with a real life snake pit at Comic-Con. The digital snake pit app was housed as a highlighted post on Facebook that pulled in Twitter hashtags to populate it.

The Technology

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

The Results

Launch date: June 1, 2013

Twelve million conversations generated throughout the campaign. Huge click-through rates for the duration of the campaign that were consistently way above average. Amazing dwell times.


million conversations generated throughout the campaign

The Team

  • Ste Thompson, Creative Director
  • Tim Stephens, Creative Strategy
  • Sara Riding, Illustrator

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