The Clue

The Clue

by Hyundai Card

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The Story

Unlock the 5 clues and open the secret boxes to win the chance to Jason Mraz concert in Busan, Korea via social media. The more Facebook and Twitter users participate, the faster the clues get unlocked. When all the likes and tweets fill up to 100%, each clue becomes available. And, as soon as the last clue opens, the participants need to be fast to get to the location of secret chambers that have the concert and round-trip flight tickets inside!

  • The Clue
  • The Clue

Creative ideas benefiting from the power of Facebook and Twitter have been around. Winning tickets for both the concert and the flight is just enough to surprise the audience, and Hyundai Card makes it even more exciting by driving a unique engagement using the social media. It taps on to people's curiosity about the clues and their love for the world renowned singer-songwriter.

The Technology

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

The Results

Launch date: April 26, 2012

Within 2 weeks, the campaign achieved an influx of more than 50,000 participants. People loved the chance of winning the tickets but enjoyed even more the experience of opening the clues itself.


minutes lapsed till the last winner shows up


hours to Opening All 5 Clues


participants in 2 weeks

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