Google Night Walk

Marseille after dark: A virtual stroll

by Google

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The Story

In an effort to encourage people to discover, experiment, and do more with Google products—specifically, Google Maps—we created Night Walk, a virtual walking tour of Marseille, France. In contrast to the usual self-guided daytime tours available on Street View, Night Walk lets users soak up the nocturnal sights and sounds of the city at its most enchanting evening hours. Visitors can navigate the streets of Marseille with the help of a local tour guide, Julie, and can stop at interactive hot spots along the way. Embedded videos (explanations of famous street art, for example) and stunning scenic panoramas lend a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the app.

  • Google Night Walk
  • Google Night Walk

The interactive site was built using HTML5 and WebGL technologies. PANO2VR and CSS3 helped create the panoramic experiences. Users physically in Marseille get an enhanced experience thanks to their smartphone's gyroscope and the Google Places API, which pulls in local data based on users' location. The Google Knowledge Graph draws relevant data and cultural facts in the form of Google Now cards and YouTube videos, which are integrated throughout the streets. While walking, users will see a photo icon, for example, which will produce a pop-up fact about the surrounding area.

The Technology

The Results

Launch date: April 3, 2014

Night Walk generated over 40 million social impressions and became a trending topic on Twitter in France during the first weekend after launch. A variety of press outlets, such as BuzzFeed, Engadget, Konbini, and The Verge, covered the launch.


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Cannes Cyber Lion awards

The Team

  • Carlo Cavallone, Executive Creative Director
  • Gregg Clampffer, Creative Director
  • Micky Coyne, Creative Director
Google Creative Lab
  • Steve Vranakis, Executive Creative Director
  • David Bruno, Senior Creative
  • Wesley ter Haar, Founder
  • Richard Nieuwenhuis, Head of Operations
  • Jeroen van der Meer, Interactive Director

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