A despotic vending machine that shows how far people will go for free snacks.

by Delite-o-matic

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The Story

A despotic vending machine commands people to press a button up to 5,000 times or perform special challenges in order to receive one free pack of Fantastic Delites. As we discover, people will do almost anything the Delite-o-matic asks them to regardless of how strenuous or humiliating the challenge may be.

  • Delite-o-matic
  • Delite-o-matic

The semi-autonomous machine interacts with participants via its on-board sensors, screen and a remote operator – commanding people to push a button thousands of times or complete challenges. The remote operator only connects to the machine when the machine runs in 'challenge mode', letting us provide witty feedback and 'push' people further and further with their challenges. If they completed their challenge sufficiently, we'd drop them a free pack of Delites. Inside the machine, we used 13 Arduino boards connected to two PCs, 500 LEDs, GoPro cameras, radar and a custom-built vending machine.

The Technology


The Results

Launch date: July 25, 2012

The machine was placed in malls around Australia with the events filmed for a YouTube clip that has so far generated 2.6 million views and the attention of news services such as CNN, ABC America, MSNBC and thousands of websites and blogs worldwide.


total cups of coffee drunk


YouTube Views

The Team

Clemenger BBDO Adelaide
  • Oliver Prenton, Creative
  • Matt OGrady, Creative

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