Gaming your way to an airline upgrade


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The Story

Who doesn't want a free upgrade? That was the thinking behind Air France's campaign for the launch of its new business cabins in Asia. The brand wanted to give passengers the opportunity to upgrade themselves—no need to cash in airline miles or pay extra fees. It created "Cloud Slicer," the first mobile game that lets travelers compete for an instant upgrade just before boarding, turning boarding gates in Singapore and Osaka airports into gaming arenas. Between both airports, more than 400 passengers competed against each other during the 15-minute wait before boarding.


To play the game, available on Android and iOS devices, players had to slice falling clouds while dodging moons. Scores were displayed in real time on large screens by the gates; top scorers were upgraded to business class and the runners-up to premium economy. Air France promoted 1:30-long recorded videos of the games on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #upgradechallenge.

The Technology

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The Results

Launch date: January 19, 2015

Within seven days, the videos reached millions of viewers on YouTube and Youku, a video hosting service based in China. Fans encouraged Air France to open the competition to other airports—which it did in China, Indonesia, and Japan.






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