Expect the Unexpected  Popcorn Shower

Expect the Unexpected Popcorn Shower

by SK telecom

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The Story

This campaign runs with three street guerrilla stunts with the "Swipe the card to unlock unexpected happiness" tagline. In order to enhance engagement and loyalty to the brand across both the traditional and digital media, SKT had the pedestrians passing by use their T membership card at one of the busiest shopping squares in Seoul. The location and the look of the event booth make them think that something will have to happen. But what happens is something completely unexpected!

  • Expect the Unexpected  Popcorn Shower
  • Expect the Unexpected  Popcorn Shower

It involves both online and offline media by combining the power of YouTube viral video, the popcorn machine with pre-installed software to recognize the SKT membership, and the manpower for adding in fun spices. At the end of each video, two annotations direct viewers to the other episodes (Virus and S.W.A.T), and one external annotation leads to their event-promotion site.

The Technology

The Results

Launch date: November 27, 2012

The concept did more than allow SKT to get closer with its members. It was a memorable and cool brand moment, driving higher brand awareness and engagement.It recieved 577,372 with viewing rate of 18.17% (Episode 1 = 18.06%, Episode 2 = 21.76%, Episode 3 = 21.30%), CTR: 0.22%.


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The Team

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