Love at First (Web)Site: Be There in Filipinos' Micro-Moments

Maybe it’s the picturesque beaches. Maybe it’s the romantic songs sung in karaoke bars on every street corner. One thing’s for sure: Love is always in the air in the Philippines, and never more so than around Valentine’s Day. As Filipinos turn to the web for gift ideas, dating tips, and restaurant reservations, brands can be there in their micro-moments.

Filipinos love being in love. In fact, Filipinos are considered the most expressive among their Asian counterparts. And when it comes to love, they put their money where their mouths are: Filipinos are among the top spenders during Valentine’s Day. Gift-related searches may peak at Christmas, but the second highest peak is Valentine’s Day.

As the world goes digital, consumer loyalty is becoming a matter of love at first sight—first website, that is. Here’s how your brand can capitalize on Filipinos’ many love-based micro-moments this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Be present in I-can’t-screw-this-up moments

Love is beautiful, but it can be stressful too. Even the best-laid plans often get sidetracked, and people are left scrambling for great gifts at the last minute. In February 2015, searches for “gift” peaked the day before Valentine’s Day, and searches for “flowers” peaked the day of.

Helping people acquire just the right gifts in these I-can’t-screw-this-up moments present prime opportunities for your brand. When someone searches for gift keywords, make sure your brand or company shows up on search. If you sell flowers, chocolates, or any item a significant other might love, make sure any special promotions or discounts on delivery are clear—anything that can help a last-minute gift-giver pull together something great.

As the clock winds down and people turn to the web to find just the right gifts, they’ll likely go with whichever brands or businesses pop up first. Savvy brands recognize the importance of being present in these key moments and create comprehensive strategies to meet and provide for consumers in their moments of need. Such strategies can be the difference between a skip and a click.

Be helpful in I-want-this-to-be-special moments

Filipinos don’t want Valentine’s Day to just come and go like any other day. They want it to be special, as evidenced by the top questions they ask:2

Brands can be helpful by enabling positive, memorable experiences for Pinoy couples. Consider including interesting local date ideas or step-by-step instructions for a handmade card as part of your branded content. Think about what questions people may ask leading up to Valentine’s Day and ways your brand can provide content that will meet their needs in these specific I-want-to-do micro-moments.

I-want-this-to-be-special moments can pop up long before Filipinos are even in a relationship. They can happen at the very beginning, actually, on first dates. First dates are a rite of passage, and Filipinos want to make a great first impression, as clearly demonstrated by their top search queries:3

In particular, brands in beauty and personal care, dining, and apparel should strive to be a part of the dating ritual by answering the key questions above, as search queries for each of these categories have increased the most YoY:4

Be relevant in I-want-to-say-this-right moments

For inspiration on how to say it just right, Filipinos again turn to the web. Not surprisingly, searches for quotes, love songs, and cards all peak around Valentine’s Day.

Brands can make themselves relevant to Pinoys by coaching them on what to say, helping them prepare for that big moment, and boosting their confidence. Brands can own these I-want-to-say-this-right moments by providing platforms or opportunities, like Burberry did in this great campaign, for Filipinos to boldly proclaim their love.

More than any other day, Filipinos want to get everything just right on their wedding days. Over 60% of the brides and grooms in the Philippines are in their 20s,5 and when they need help planning, you guessed it, they go online. From DIY wedding invitations to etiquette guides, Filipinos turn to search. Searches for these top queries have increased 36% YTD:4

Act as the wedding planner they didn’t even know they needed by providing relevant and useful information to Pinoy couples searching online.

In all moments, be quick

On February 13th and 14th last year, 1.3X more Valentine’s-related queries were made from mobile than on desktop and tablet combined.6 When people turn to their phones to find information, speed is key. And if speed thrills, friction kills. Ensure your site is mobile-optimized by eliminating needless steps, anticipating user needs, and providing a site that loads quickly.

Being present, helpful, relevant, and quick are baseline requirements for brands that want to connect with Filipinos during the most romantic moments of the year. As your audience turns to mobile devices and digital channels to find the perfect gifts to express their love, be there for them with smart placement, helpful suggestions, and a smooth path to purchase. Make couples happy this Valentine’s Day and every Cupid-worthy moment beyond by providing mobile-friendly answers to last-minute needs.


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