From smartphones, to mini movies and vivid graphics, the Leaderboard reflects the eclectic mix of ads on YouTube and the creative use of content by advertisers to win attention and drive action. A few notable themes are:


Gadgets galore: Singapore’s Year-in-Search 2017 revealed that the city-state is a nation of techies, with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X earning top spots. Singaporeans also showed their love for smartphones through the ads they watched.


Star power: Apple’s iPhone 7 ad stars Dwayne Johnson doing a series of funny stunts. But sometimes global stars are not quite the right fit, with local social influencer, Aarika Lee, featured in two winning ads.


Cinematic ads: Singapore Airlines' unconventional flight safety video is a beautiful film, while LEGO and Nutella created bite-sized movies with engaging storylines.

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    iPhone 7 — The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day — Apple

  2. #10

    McDelivery – Anytime, Anywhere

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    Xperia XZ1

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    Royal Caribbean #RCIFAMILYFIRST

  5. #4

    New In-flight Safety Video | Singapore Airlines

  6. #5

    Nutella Christmas Tales | The Enchanted Little Tree

  7. #6

    Samsung Galaxy Note8: Official Introduction

  8. #7

    The Breakout Bunch - LEGO City - Mini Movie

  9. #8

    The perfect Summer day – LEGO Friends - Mini Movie

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