ELEKS Google Glass Experiment

ELEKS Google Glass Experiment

A proof of concept for using Google Glass in sports


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The Story

At ELEKS, it's in our genes to marry our business expertise with our creative vision. So in creating the Google Glass Experiment, we wanted to incorporate two of the hottest topics worldwide-digital and wearables. We created the experiment to show people, namely sports enthusiasts, how technology can better their everyday life and change the way they perceive life's activities.

  • ELEKS Google Glass Experiment
  • ELEKS Google Glass Experiment

Our campaign merges human interaction, mobile and web with Google Glass. Because many people have never had the opportunity to try Google Glass, we created an interactive video to showcase its capabilities. By speaking simple voice commands into a microphone, users operate the video, a process that simulates how Google Glass works. For web emulation, we used Web Speech API, which enables speech recognition.

The Technology


The Results

Launch date: December 19, 2013

With a strong social media marketing strategy, we inspired our audience to dive into a new digital reality and imagine sports as they have never been seen. On top of that, by combining cutting-edge technologies with creativity and strong visual design, we raised brand awareness for ELEKS digital production.


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The Team

  • Oleh Hasoshyn , Art Director
  • Markiyan Matsekh , Enterprise Mobility Business Developer
  • Ostap Andrusiv , R&D Android Stream Lead
  • Alexey Sobolev , Creative Director, Video Director
  • Misha Koroteev, Creative Director, Video Director
  • Daria Rosyuk , Producer

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